The team at the Outside Channel brought me in to pitch a motion graphics/animation package for their new division called Outside Learn. This is where people can learn from the world’s best athletes, explorers, and wellness experts with premium online courses for all levels.

The first step was finding a way to incorporate their logo and footage together in a way that is procedural in nature allowing their internal team to take our graphics package and switch out footage clips and brand colors as they see fit for each course.

My first pass of an intro to each course promo looked something like this:

And then the company got bought up by new management, and we had to re-rebrand again. On the second pass I got more involved and created dozens of assets to be used across all their media channels. We decided to incorporate the O and parts of their logo as visual motifs in each piece. This involved a ton of rotoscoping and motion tracking and sometimes having to go frame by frame to composite each element in each video environment.

If you are in need of motion graphics or editing work that looks like this, whether it is for one project, or you would rather use me on a monthly subscription (Like Netflix for video work), contact me and we can work something out: